OnApp to StackBill CMP Migration

StackBill provides a migration facility to migrate your OnApp to updated cloud infrastructure in terms of physical, virtual, and cloud-based workloads to StackBill within a few hours and days

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Migration from OnApp to StackBill

OnApp can be migrated to StackBill using the Quick cloud migration service of StackBill moving physical, virtual, and cloud-based workloads between the clouds. Featuring reduced time, cost, and risk and is also transparently priced.
Migrate your existing OnApp infrastructure to StackBill on Apache Cloudstack® Consulting and set up StackBill CMP .with the expert team hassle-free.
Smooth Migration can be implemented from OnApp to StackBill with the help of our team of experts with Cloudstack® Consulting and set up StackBill CMP for you.


Transparency in Pricing, Quick timeframes, and Multi-Cloud Migration Services

Switching from OnApp to StackBill is now a hassle-free process done through the StackBill Cloud Migration service helps to Switch from OnApp to StackBill in a hassle-free process. with the help of our team experts we work with you to develop a migration plan for achieving your project goals, objectives, and timelines

OnApp to StackBill Migration
Transparent in Costs


The pricing model is transparent in the migration process of StackBill with the help of team experts.


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Rapid Migration


Quick switching is done from the OnApp portal to StackBill through our effective migration services.


OnApp to StackBill Cloud Migration
Maximum Uptime


We can reduce downtime and maximize uptime by continuously operating the application 24 X 7 X 365.


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Why OnApp to StackBill?

StackBill is designed to meet the requirement of customers the best solution among CMPs that is built on top of Apache CloudStack®. StackBill has the features that are present in OnApp. It also has its own cloud management portal with complete billing solutions. StackBill is the No.1 OnApp Alternative cloud solution and it is obtained as StackBill CMP, built on top of Apache CloudStack®

 OnApp to StackBill Migration
Customer Self Service Portal

Automating and self-servicing are the key features for reducing Cloud Provider's dependency. This servicing features of StackBill, of the cloud resources through Customer Self Service Portal to the end-users increases business agility.

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Cloud Billing Automation


Cloud Billing Automation is implemented in StackBill and is designed by Auto chargeback and manual payment according to the choice of the customer needs on hourly-based or monthly billing through StackBill billing services.


OnApp to stackbill cloud migration
Provisioning Automation

The feature of Virtual Machine VM Provisioning helps provisioning Automation that helps Intuitive Cloud Management Portal for the deployment of StackBill.

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Whitelabel CMP & Market Place


StackBill has an expert team to identify the business requirement based on the customers and automate all the deployment tasks.


The best alternative for OnApp user
Setup & Migration Assistance

Continuous support is provided by the StackBill expert team to support the Migration process and Deployment infrastructure, and assistance is provided up to the completion of the process.

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24x 7 Support


Stackbill deployment with maintenance support is provided by StackBill's Technology expert 24 X7 X 365 to experience features with its powerful and complete on-premises public cloud solutions that work on Apache CloudStack®.


Migration to StackBill


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